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Al Burhan Welfare Trust (AWT) believes that direct and first hand knowledge of Arabic text of the Quran can help to overcome the extreme tendency within the muslim community. To achieve this objective AWT has established several short Quranic Arabic courses for adult muslims male and female.

Spiritually based improvement can be attained by following the footsteps of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him. To establish firm relationship with the beloved Rasool ﷺ, AWT organises Seerah circles in the UK as well as in different countries including Pakistan.

Basic Quranic Grammar

Learning Quranic Arabic is now easier than learning english. With our simple and interactive TPI approach you can easily understand about 50% of the Quran. This course is for beginners and can be easily picked up by any age group from kids to Adults.

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Understand Quran Word By Word

Learn word by word translation of the common Surahs and Duas recited in the Salah, in a simple and interactive way using TPI. Understand, Evaluate and Applying these translations, to improve your focus in Salah

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Advanced Arabic Grammar

Take your understanding Quran journey to the next level. We delve into more depths of the Quranic arabic and understand more advanced topics using simple and effective TPI rules.

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