Understand Quran with word by word translation.

This course is beginner friendly. Students of any age can easily learn the Quran word by word using TPI, understand and reflect on the Surahs, Duas and much more.
Following are few objectives of the course

  • To convince you that the Quran is easy to understand.
  • To help you understand the Quran easy way, using word-for-word and TPI, which covers 50% of the Quran!
  • To help you pray Salah effectively with Khushoo, i.e, humility.
  • We cover word by word understanding of 7 Surahs, Azkar of Salah, Adhan, Duas and much more.
  • This should help you pick up and teach at the least 100 sentences of (Quran centric) spoken arabic.