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AL-Burhan Welfare Trust (AWT) is a registered charity in the UK. Its main focus is to bring peace, inter faith harmony and cooperation through spiritually based education.

AWT believes that direct and first hand knowledge of Arabic text of the Quran can help to overcome the extreme tendency within the muslim community. To achieve this objective AWT has established several short Quranic Arabic courses for adult muslims male and female.

We consider the life of the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as the reference for spreading the peace, love and harmony. His entire life is a role model for the believers. Spiritually based improvement can be attained by following the footsteps of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him. To establish firm relationship with the beloved Rasool ﷺ, AWT organises Seerah circles in the UK as well as in different countries including Pakistan.

AWT has started an Educational project in Pakistan, which includes supporting students to receive free education. The project is held in Pakistan in the areas with a very poor literacy rate and lack of resources for education, particularly for women. The other main objective of AWT is Publishing and distributing literature in Pakistan and U.K. particularly to improve moderate spiritual peaceful diverse understanding of Islam.

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